Owl Boxes

For sites / properties within a 10 mile radius of Streatley, Berkshire, the prices shown include: 

- initial consultation visit (if desired) to agree best location for your box

- free delivery 

- support with installation (if required)

For locations >10miles from Streatley a delivery cost can be provided or we can deliver personally at a mileage charge of £0.45 per mile.

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Barn Owl....

These can be either located inside a barn, shed or garage and also outside on the side of a tree or on top of a pole. A minimum of 3m above ground level, have a clear line of sight to the entrance hole and be close to areas of land with rough grass.

The depth of the box is crucial so that its not easy for the young to exit until able to fly.

Untitled photo
Untitled photo

Dimensions:           H  700mm    W  700mm   D  450mm

Indoor Box:    £115.00          Outdoor Box:    £195.00

Little Owl

Little Owl

These boxes have a design that ensures a dark interior and a tunnel like entrance which ensures only when the young are strong enough to venture outside can they find their way out and not just fall out as with other traditional designs.

Located on a tree with a horizontal branch so that the young can easily explore the branches and then get back to the nest. Can also be sited in a barn and an exercise platform added.

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Little Owl

Dimensions:           H  400mm    W  400mm   D  400mm

Indoor Box:    £125.00           Outdoor Box:    £175.00

Tawny Owl

These are large and deep boxes to mimic the owls preferred hollow tree trunk nest site. My design includes an internal high perch, a Porch and landing platform and an external perch.

They are best located in a quiet dense forest or copse with moist deciduous woodland and not on the outside edge of the area and between 3 & 3.75  meters up.

Dimensions:           H  1100mm    W  270mm   D  340mm            

Outdoor Box:    £150.00

Taint Owlet
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