About Me

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My passion is Wildlife, sharing knowledge and Wildlife Photography

I have had a keen interest in Wildlife especially birds from a very young age, and remember fondly my Granddad pointing out the birds in his garden and using his binoculars. 

My parents fuelled the fire even more when they bought me a pair of Zebra Finches as pets when I was around 8 years old! From then it became many years of keeping various cage and aviary birds in aviaries, from small finches and waxbills to weavers and parakeets.

40 Years Later

A year ago my partner and I moved to Streatley in West Berks which is just a stunning place to live and my passion for wildlife and photography took me on a completely new journey.

Goring Gap Wildlife Walks

GG Wildlife Walks includes a number of wildlife based services: from

▫️ Group or personal wildlife walks

▫️ Wildlife photography tutorials & services

▫️ Wildlife events for luxury hotel groups

▫️ Working with local community groups on wildlife education such as schools etc.


You will find my favourite photos in My Portfolio in the Photography section. A selected few have been made into cards for sale direct or via a number of local business such as Tithe Barn Garden School in Tidmarsh and Virgo Beauty in Goring.

I do hope you enjoy them and if you would like to know more or ask me any questions please drop me a line via the contact page or via info@goringgapwildlifewalks.co.uk

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